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Our Leader The Mockingjay - Mockingjay part 1 teaser trailer

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hobbit society headcanon: hobbit adults refer to hobbit children as their “darling little potatoes” 

Anonymous SAID:
on your tags page, in the projects section, there's a tag for oc casting that hasn't been used for anything, an i was just wondering what that was going to be, or if it was just a general tag you haven't used yet or what. ?

Eventually (probably in the near future given that it’s something I really meant to work on and then totally forgot) it’s gonna be my tag for face-casting my original characters. So. Yeah. That’s gonna be a thing I do at some point.

Anonymous SAID:
Are you going to make a marauders cast for James? Either way, I love your others so much I'm just excited to see you picture as him :)

Yeah, I’m absolutely gonna do him eventually, but tbh my mental picture of James is /so shaky/ I have absolutely no idea who I’m using yet, so it might be a while.


go on anon & describe my aesthetic 

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Who run the world?

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are gif requests okay with you?

oooh, yeah, definitely. i would actually love requests?